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Now I know some of you are saying "not another Crow Page" but I am a dedicated fan to the whole Lee family be it Bruce,Brandon, or Shannon. I think it's cool to build something to honor an idol of yours, however don't be cheesy about it. In my travels throughout various Crow sites I've seen some seriously bozofied sites.But I must avoid that subject or I'll probably go off on a tangent.Now I won't pretend to know everything about the Crow or Brandon or even Bruce for that matter, but I do know quite a bit about the subject.The main purpose of this part of my page is just to keep everyone I can informed about new Crow stuff as I discover it.STORM

I know there's not a whole lot of reason for me to do this page seeing as how there's probably not a whole about the Crow that I can tell you that you have'nt already seen.So I guess I'll brag(just a little) I have a pretty nice collection of Crow mementos.I have my pride and joy a porcelain figurine of Brandon with the bird.I have all of the recent comics(that's not that special), I have three complete sets of the card series from the first Crow movie(one of them includes Four of the crow vision cards,and two of thecrowmiumcards)and one complete set from the second movie.I have the shot glass from the second movie and I think I'll stop there. NEW ADDITION!! I just picked up a great set of original art from the first Crow comic book signed by James O'Barr!! I am in heaven!!


Well the latest chapter in the James O'Barr's madness in that he actually let Rob Zombie write and direct the next crow movie.The third installment in the Crow series is to be titled The Crow:2037.Now I like Rob Zombie but what he's doing to the Crow I don't like. According to reports The Crow:2037 is supposed to be more of a chainsaw massacre type Movie so it'll fit into the horror Genre a little better.Psst whatever but I'll still have to see it opening night and buy when it comes to video.Next in line of things to milk the Crow dry is Mirimaxs' brain child titled The Crow stairway to Heaven.Stairway to heaven is a new t.v. show starring.....who knows it has'nt been cast yet.What we do know is that it's going to pick up where the first movie left off.With someone playing Eric Draven being led around by the spirit of his wife going to help people.I can't say I'm thrilled about this either butof course I'll tape every episode they make.There is no eta on The Crow Stairway to Heaven and Zombie's movie goes into production this year for an early 2000 arrival time.


Okay sports fans I have been slacking off heavily. I am a little late getting this info out so I'm sorry about that. Already released: The Crow/Razor comic books. They did a tour book for this and a few variant covers so watch for them. Also out is the seventh installment of Crow comics; The Crow waking Nightmares. And then there's the new porcelain figurine complete with vinyl trench coat. This is the second run of porcelain figures they've done, this one is only different because of the jacket and the box.That's all I got for you guys right now.STORM



Okay I just finished reading The Crow/ Razor series, one word SELLOUT!! What is this crap they’re putting The Crow name on? Does anyone know? Why is Marilyn Manson popping up in these books? Have baby-goths become that noticed? Anyone with half a brain can tell that James O’Barr is just signing his name to this crap. These books are starting to cater solely to baby-goths. No story line, just Ankh’s, Marilyn, and The Crow.Oh and another thing, what is Eric doing back? They were doing some great stuff with the new characters, the Indian, the woman, right up to the yuppie. What is wrong with these people. James O’Barr is only succeeding in cheapening the message he put out, and worst of all he's doing it for the purpose of making some cash. Listen folks I’m really sorry to rant this way but I’m starting to get annoyed, In the first Crow comic Eric dies on the side of a road; in The Crow/Razor he’s in the city!! How many times can one guy die??!! I admit that he is still the best avenger yet, but we still need to see new material. And since when is tons of foul language a prerequisite? I mean saying fuck here and there isn’t bad but I think they went a little over board. Okay I have a BIG BITCH. In the first comic book his name was NOT Eric Draven, why the hell is it now???!!!! This book has gone to hell in a hand basket. Well that’s it for my commentary on this book. My final opinion…….. it sucks.


My apologies people, I was going to review waking nightmares for you also but I couldn’t force myself to read it!!! Not only did it have bad art the story line was very dry and boring. I don’t recommend this book either. Unfortunetly some of us are cursed with a dedication to The Crow and we have to buy and read this garbage.

UPDATE 10-06-98!!

Well it looks like The Crow:2037 is off. The script written by Rob Zombie is now defunct. Instead they're making The Crow:Salvation. This movie is written by Millenium author Chip Johannesson. This focus' on a 20 year old man sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit. Guess what... he comes back and avenges himself Yaaaa! This movie begins shooting in February for a late 1999 release. Peace!

UPDATE 9-05-00!!

To quote Bill Cosby, "HEY,HEY,HEY!!" Okay so that was lame. Well I'm sure since I lag you already know that the third installation of The Crow movies is on it's way. Titled The Crow: Salvation this movie is going to be interesting no known actors in it. I've also never heard of the director. It is going to be interesting. Look for it later this year. The sound track is already out. It's not too bad actually. However it doesn't hold up to the first two. Oh well. On the book front I haven't seen or heard about any new comics but I'm sure they'll follow the movie. I have seen several new soft back novels. On that particular issue I'm really annoyed. Listen they did the same crap with Star Wars; George Lucas has an idea then he just lets any decent sci-fi writer do a book and puts the name Star Wars on it. Whats the deal? Are these people too lazy to write their own stories? I want to read new stories by O'Barr not Poppy Z.Brite writing Crow novels. That book sucked also by the way. I don't know I'm getting a little jaded by all the commercialism that has surrounded our beloved Crow stuff. Last rant, The Crow really had something to say when it first came out. It was in your face,graphic, and really hit home. Now it's just a money machine. That really saddens me. For his sake I hope James O'Barr made the same mistake as Matt Groenig and just lost creative control. At least then I can still believe some people don't sell their souls for BMW'S.

FINAL UPDATE!! 12-13-00

Well it's over. I no longer care. The Crow:Salvation has as most fans already know been sent directly to video to be released sometime in March. The fourth installment of the Crow titled Lazerus will star DMX and is supposed to switch to a rap soundtrack/Genre. I have given up. I will always have a place for The Crow but I'm just burned out. Most of the books aren't that good, the Comics started to really suck towards the end, and I can't say about the movies. It looks like their going to possibly have 2 good, 2 bad. I haven't done that great of a job keeping my page updated so I'm just going to stop trying. If your interested check out The Crow Official sitefor all future info. Be forewarned the BB on that site blows but at least you can get some good info from it.

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